image   Scientific Advisory Board

IROA Technologies's Scientific Advisory Board is made up of seasoned researchers and business people who are actively engaged in the Company and that constitute the very focus of IROA Technologies' activities, namely mass spectrometry, pharmaceutical research, statistics and bioinformatics.

Rick A. Yost, Ph.D., Professor and Head, Analytical Chemistry, Robin & Jean Gibson Term Professor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of Florida

Professor Yost is Professor and Head of Analytical Chemistry, University of Florida. Prior to attaining his Ph.D. in Analytical chemistry at Michigan State University in 1979, Professor Yost had already achieved a wide range of experience in analytical chemistry applications both in his graduate studies and job experiences, and had made notable achievements in the field. Of major significance, together with Professor Chris Enke (retired Professor of Chemistry, The University of New Mexico), Professor Yost conceived the computerized tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer for analytical MS/MS studies. His subsequent research led to the realization of the instrument in which he was recognized with the 1993 ASMS Award for Distinguished Contribution in Mass Spectrometry. Professor Yost?s research at the University of Florida has involved over 100 students funded by over $20M in research grants, and has led to the publication of over 160 papers and 16 patents. Based on these patents, over $30 billion of instruments have been sold. He has served on many prestigious boards including a two-year term as a member of the Florida Board of Governors (Regents) and Chair of the Advisory Council of Faculty Senates of Florida, the UF Board of Trustees, and the editorial boards of the Journal of the American Society of Mass Spectrometry and the International Journal of Mass Spectrometry.


David Banks, Ph.D., Professor of the Practice of Statistics, Duke University

Professor Banks is Professor of the Practice of Statistics, Duke University. After attaining a Ph.D. in statistics from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Professor Banks began a career in statistics that has spanned over 25 years. During this time Professor Banks has held numerous positions including Acting Chief Statistician and Director of the Office of Advanced Studies, Bureau of Transportation Statistics as well as Special Assistant to the Director of Biostatistics at the US FDA. He has provided consultancy services for academic, government and industrial groups developing sophisticated statistical tools for a wide range of applications. Professor Banks has served on the editorial board of various journals. His career has merited distinguished awards for his dedication to statistics.


Oliver Fiehn, Ph.D., Professor and Metabolomics Facilities Director, UC Davis

For the past 6 years, Professor Fiehn has been a full Professor and Director of the metabolomics facilities at the UC Davis Genome Center, overseeing the research laboratory and supervising the core service laboratory. His main application is the research and analysis of 'metabolism' by mass spectrometry and bioinformatics. Prior to UC Davis, Professor Fiehn worked for the Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology for 4 years. He has a Ph.D. from the Technical University Berlin in Analytical Toxicology.