IROA ClusterFinder™ Software

The unique IROA software tool ClusterFinder™ is provided with any kit purchase and developed to support the analysis of IROA LC-MS data files generated using IROA labeled Internal Standards or any of the the IROA protocols, i.e. Basic, Phenotypic and Fluxomic.  

IROA ClusterFinder steps:

  1. Untargeted Analysis: Find and characterize all peaks in data files according to source (artifact, experimental (12C), control (13C), or standard) based on IROA isotopic patterns, remove all artifacts, align and pair all remaining peaks across all scans.
  2. Curation and correlation analysis (new for ClusterFinder Version 2.0)
  3. Creation of composite library based on the untargeted analysis.
  4. Targeted analysis. 
  5. Targeted analysis results curation and review.
  6. Export targetes analysis and statistical and biochemical interpretation.

Resulting data files can be exported in either Agilent compound exchange format (.cef), readily imported into MassHunter Mass Profiler Software , or comma separated value (.csv) format that may be imported and interpreted by other statistical programs that the user may employ. Access to statistical tools on the IROA Web Portal to produce high quality data interpretation of the data set is freely provided through the IROA Technologies website. 

For further information, see ClusterFinder FAQ.  IROA Technology Primer and ClusterFinder Software User Manual provided with kit purchase.