Mass Spec Standards

IROA Technologies now supplies 8 unique authentic sets of library standards

CONVENIENT 96-WELL FORMAT - Easy storage, no glass bottles

HIGH PURITY AND STABLE - Supplied as 5 µg dried weight; plenty of material for multiple injections

MLSDiscovery SOFTWARE - Data processing, data collection and data reduction tool creates libraries in hours


IROA for Cannabis
How many compounds can be accurately identified simutaneously in a cannabis sample?

The IROA TruQuant IQQ Cannabis workflow provides a software solution together with a carefully formulated Cannabis Internal Standard containing over 500 compounds.  The compounds are computationally easy to find, provide completely verified compound identify, and serve as a daily measure of instrumentation performance (complete QA/QC).  

Ion Suppression?

Learn how to correct for Ion Suppression to achieve accurate quantitation

The IROA TruQuant IQQ WORKFLOW provides: 1) a method for the reproducible accurate identification of 100’s of compounds, 2) a means to generate suppression-corrected quantitation and sample-to-sample normalization irrespective of the analytical systems used, and 3) a process to validate instrument and analytical procedures across time and platforms (QA/QC). 

Better data always yields better results.  Why waste time working up bad data?